A post from Halloween


Ohhhhhh Halloween. I laugh to myself whenever I think about the silly holiday. I can't decide exactly what it is about Halloween that I don't really like, but for whatever reason it's not my favorite. I think I must set my expectations too high before it gets here. Or maybe it's just my poor time management skills that leave me running around an hour before the party because I burned the majority of my planning time pinning 78,342 family costume ideas + didn't end up using a single one of them? Either way, when it came right down to it, we had a ball this year on Halloween.

Jonah reeeeeeally wanted to be Captain America. From there, things snowballed into an Avenger theme for the rest of us. Not going to lie, I don't know much about superheroes. Jonah has taught me most things that I currently know. Which is kind of interesting because we don't really let him watch it? Doesn't really add up so I'm convinced that boys are just made with superhero instincts. I mean, he has a different voice for each character + Riggy is following right in his footsteps. They save the day all the day long.

We drove up to Grandma Larsen's to spend the night with all of my cousins. I will never forget the look on Jonah's face when Grandma opened the window dressed as a witch, the way his mask scrunched his nose, or the way all the kiddo cousins ran from door to door practicing their best "trick or treat" between stops. We loved loved it. My goal is to always let our kids choose what they want to be for Halloween. Hopefully they're more creative than their mom I am in the costume department. We'll see what next year brings!


Weekly Lemonade


SWEETS: bloguettes conference | everyone feeling better | s n o w w w w w w | hayward's buzzerbeater to send lebron home crying | jazz date night x3 | riding trax for the fist time | dinner with morg + ty | aub's birthday party | lazy saturday + sunday mornings | new costco play table | on time for church | quick visit with grandma before we took her to the airport for florida | bijou market | lots of new babies to love on: shelb + brandon, jon + bri, coy + suzie, john + kylee | homemade potato soup | slowly putting up the christmas decor | saranoni blakets | house plans after the kids are in bed | making thanksgiving name tags for grandma's house | selfies from jon + jonah at the jazz game | sour skittles | every single thing about jess kettle's remodeled house | hide + seek | the way the boys run + scream when jon gets home from work | feeding the missionaries | west elm | hats ordered online that actually fit #miracles | jon's oversized sweatshirts | homemade christmas ornaments | snuggling next to the heater box

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: jonah tipping the shopping cart over at the craft store: harry potter scar for jonah, serious bruised battle wounds for riggins + one hysterical mama | losing the car keys | forgetting birthday card at home | riggy taking off his diaper in the kitchen then smearing it all across the rug + carpet | blog design taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr to program | no trips to logan this week | jonah breaking TWO snow globes | dead computer chord | long tithing settlement hours for jonboy | forgetting to mail our thankful cards | always feeling like i want to switch up home decorations | cramps | gold hair | waffle luv confusion at bloguettes | parking lots mixed with road rage | jonah scaring riggins with the vacuum + sucking up the rug while he was at it

Learning to make do

We don't have a yard right now. Which means that we spend A LOT of time on our balcony. The boys would play outside sun up to sun down if they could, so we have worked extra hard this summer to make the front little balcony a place that we love. We dream of the day we are able to send them outback to burn a little energy, but in the mean time we'll soak up our impromptu hot dog roasts before bed, the view overlooking the city + jump inside on our mini-trampoline.

half eaten mallow's put back in the bowl #myfave #nast

party lights to make things legit. not pictured: i think we're alone now on repeat.

^ ^ G U I L T Y ^ ^

There's kind of a running joke around here that we won't ever have expensive furniture until the kids are out of the house. I literally feel like every bit of furniture we have right now is broken or hanging by a limb in some way. I'm used to lots of little sisters, so boys bring a different dynamic to my scene that I'm still trying to figure out. They play HARD hard hard. Sun up to sun down. Finding furniture that is kid-friendly, indoor/outdoor + won't break the bank is tricky. But believe it or not, Costco has been pulling through lately. I love that they carry Lifetime products from time to time. Lifetime is the same company that makes the wiggle cars that we love so much. We scored this table a couple of weeks ago + we are super stoked on it. I'm not even kidding. It's wipeable, cute AND indestructible, which is huge for kiddos who play hard. You can find the set (with folding table) at Costco right now!! (Unless they're sold out, ha) Jonah dubbed the green "turtle" chair + Rigg scored the blue. Riggins pushes his chair room to room throughout the day + it makes me laugh so hard.

We decided to keep the fire pit out for winter this year. Snuggling around the fire with a warm steamer on a cold winter night? Yes please!!


Giving with Thanks


Our give with thanks challenge is still in full swing over here + our giving tree is looking beautiful + bright. It has been humbling to watch the joy bloom inside of my boys as they serve those around them. I hear it in their excited voices as they put their shoes away without being asked. Or as they held the door open at City Creek without me suggesting it.  Little moments like this warm me to the core. The intention is beautiful. Their hearts are growing through this daily service challenge + so is mine. I feel it in my soul. Here is a link to the Thankful kit + original post if you need to get caught up to speed on what I'm talking about. Just over a week until Thanksgiving is here! 
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