Weekly lemonade


SWEETS: getting pictures of milo during the day | bear lake birthday bash | monster truck ralley | good things utah | stompin rigg + the way he runs with only one arm pumping | fresh manicure | turning on our wedding video after everyone fell asleep in bear lake | family bike rides at liberty park | jonah's excitement when riggins wakes up every morning | sushi girls night | finalizing peru plans | new swimsuits | signing jonah up for baseball | shopping alone at city creek #sephoradate | rearranging the boys room + letting them choose where things go | new computer | pace pops on the deck | pandora | social media | jessie pennington waffle date | matching family snow suits | new dishwasher | getting my car back | hiccups | staying up for over 48 hours 2 separate time #worthit | journal writing | grapefruit | nickle cade | shopping with grandma | tracy aviary | overdue heart-to-hearts with morg | lunchdates with dad

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: the missing memory card with all of our pictures | jonah's shiner | library fines | markers of any shape or size | car problems | missing reading time | living far away from milo | chapped lips | missing church | vacuuming the car | eyelashes falling out | folding the laundry | the empty honest box full of stuff with no home that keeps getting shoved in the closet | trying to catch up on pictures | potty training | new blog roadblocks | unpacking | laundry | laundry | laundry 

Growing Up


These pictures were taken by TRAVIS J as part of his "Littles" mini shoots for Valentine's Day. I'd love to share more of them later, but I hope you're able to get on his email list! If you haven't had the opportunity to have your kids photographed in a lifestyle studio, you worn out mama self deserves it! Travis is wonderful + I know you'll be thanking me later. 

At night I find myself reflecting on our day: the highs, the lows + mostly the improvements to make for a better tomorrow. Somehow it always leads back to how quickly the boys are growing + changing each day. To be honest, the future scares me a little. The weight that they will have to carry as men when I can't carry it for them any longer. I pray that they are tough, but not afraid to give compassion. That they will have the drive + desire to provide for their own family, love like that's all they've got, protect each other, treat women with respect, as well as everyone else that God places in their lives. Including themselves. I hope they mold into kind, humble, men who always view life in the innocent way that they do now. Filled with simple joys + big dreams!




After much anticipation I have completely broken down my phone editing process for you guys. It's one of the main things that people ask me when they first stop by "Are these phone pictures? How do you edit them? TODAY I'm releasing my first e-guide on how to better your Instagram pictures! You'll find 12 easy tips that you will be able to conquer in no time. If you tune in to Good Things Utah, you'll receive the promo code for HALF PRICE! Boooyaaaaah grandma! They sure know how to party over there. 

Thank you + thank you again for your love + support. It truly is humbling. Putting yourself out there ain't no thang + the support does not go unnoticed. I want to hug you right through the computer. You guys are the best! 




If you're a Utah local, tune in on channel 4 for GOOD THINGS UTAH at 9 am tomorrow morning! I'm going to be on kicking off their Blogger Week sharing my favorite picture editing apps with you all! "HOW DO YOU EDIT YOUR INSTAGRAM PICTURES?!" is one of the things I get asked on a daily basis. So along with my segment, I'm releasing my first e-book on taking better instagram pictures! Whooooty whoooo. It's been a long time coming + I think you'll love it! I'm holding nothing back + you'll have first dibs at their discount code so you won't want to miss it. {I will be sure to post the link on here afterwards for any out of towners who care to see} It's certainly going to be a party + I hope you'll join me!

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