over the river + through the snow


to grandmother's cabin we go. literally.

Here's the thing. A couple of weekend ago when we left for the cabin, it was almost 70 degrees outside. The sun was shining, the skies were blue + I was giddy in spring-ified bliss. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have a hard time thinking outside of the box {especially packing outside of it} so all that I packed were my sandals, cutoffs, jammies, a couple t-shirts for the boys + along we went on our merry adventure. The minute we pulled into Oakley, we caught word that there was too much snow to drive up to the cabin + that we needed to park + hike in. Ouii. Mom of the year right here with kids dressed in summer clothing. Oui Oui. 

Jonah snoozing on the 4-wheeler gave us all a good laugh. The best part is that this isn't the first time this has happened to him. That boy plays hard hard hard hard hard! I wish you could have seen his face light up when he landed his dismount from the 6th step. He made Tucker giggle just by looking at him + has grammy wrapped around his finger. He dominated in the Easter Egg hunt + got some new Ninja Turtle jams that make him kick extra high + scream COWABUNGA extra loud.

Riggins, the little sweetie, is such a good traveler. If you know him, you know he is just about the most well-mannered happy go lucky little pal there ever was. Last weekend was no exception. He kept his sleeping schedule, giggled every time jonah popped open an egg, loved crawling around the massive family room + riding on the back of the 4-wheeler.

Talks + dreams of building our own cabin made the drive home fly by. The kiddos were zonked before Jon even had his seatbelt buckled. I found it funny that the minute we passed back through Park City, the blue skies were back, bluer than ever, welcoming us home with open arms. I love you, Utah. There's something to be said about being out of my everyday element that makes me appreciate this life on a different level. It truly is magical.

Because of Him


Because of him I get to be a wife, a mother + a daughter in this life + in the next. Because of him I am a better person. Because of him, there is always a tomorrow. Always a new beginning + an opportunity to start again, to try harder. Because of Christ, we have purpose, we have hope, we have strength, we have peace + we have joy. Because of him, I am me + I know that I will be with this family of mine forever. Happy, happy Easter.

friday lemonade


S W E E T S:  family cabin time | snowmobiling with jonboy. that guy puts his whole heart into every thing he does | first blue raspberry sno-cone of the year | pizza park night with the patten's | ninja turtle bandaids | less instagram more collect | "if you like that popcorn tree so much why don't you marry it?" | cosmic con | 5 trips to the library + i'm feeling mighty proud | jonah car wash drama | riggins bear crawl - no knees allowed in his rule book | white chocolate cadbury eggs. bless you, target | grammy's easter egg hunt | learning colors in the tub | riggins is now rigga | late night cereal | moving jonah's clothes to the top shelf so he can't reach them. VICTORY | snap rapchats from jessie | "ARE YOU KEEDING ME?!" - jonah, when i pointed out his bed wasn't made | girls night: pizzeria limone | the lorax 

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on.

S O U R S: first legit sunburn of the year - nursing riggy has been quite the squeal | the blossoms disappearing at the capital + calling off family pics | jonah's first real road burn biff | broken mom pride from a complete stranger at the accounting office | riggy's diaper rash reappearing every other day | not going home for easter | throwing away dead flowers | sick friends | laundry, laundry, laundy | nap schedules | facetime never connecting | chapped lips | jonah's latest hate for wearing undies | realizing i wear basically the same outfit all week when i put these pictures together. sue me 


Our happy place


Being a mother is something I dreamed about my entire life + something that makes me cry almost instantly, when I stop to think about the ways it has changed my life. It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. It has shaped + molded me into the person that I am today. These little people bring me much joy. More than I could ever put into words. Deep down, somewhere between this love + my mom-pride, comes a yearning to keep this love all to myself. A desire to protect these perfect little beings from the scariness of the world. To hold them close + never let them go. Because of this passion I have always been a little reserved about letting a photographer come into our home + capture pictures of us. You ask me to take them at the park, a studio, the lake, your house, any place in the world - sure thang. But the minute our home is involved, the guard walls go up + overprotective mom status is slapped on my forehead.  Our home is my safe haven. The place where I go to lock out the rest of the world + soak up the love that we share as a family. I'm putting these feelings out on the table in hopes of sharing how much this place + these people truly mean to me. I love the time of life that we are in right now + I am so very grateful that I opened our doors for one afternoon so that we will have these memories to look back on forever. 

In our home, we play, we cry, we color, we pray, we eat, we laugh, we clean, we read, we hide + seek, we dream + we love with a love that isn't always seen by the outside world. Our walls are scuffed with scooter marks + finger prints cover the majority of our windows. We love to dance in the kitchen + all sleep in the same bed. Also note, I take great pride in my vacuum lines. ;) Our home is where we hide from the world, where we learn, where we forgive + where spend our waking + sleeping moments as a family. 
My element, my people, my home - - - my happy.

My very favorite people, in our very favorite place. 

This is my very favorite Sonnet James dress. I love that it allows me to continue to play + to clean + to chase without skipping a beat. I was so thrilled to work with some of my dearest girlfriends, Shelby, Erica Lindsey, to capture a place or a moment that means the most to each of us. The minute I saw the BRAVE video from Sonnet James I knew we were a match made in Heaven. Remember my love for that song? click here, if not.

Right now is one of my favorite motherhood phases of life thus far. I'm not saying that I don't look forward to nap time when I get two extra minutes to enjoy my grapefruit in silence, but these boys, they truly are my very best friends. They are my favorite part about me. I am ever so grateful for Jon, who works hard during the day so that I can stay home + take care of our boys. We would never make it without him. I love that Jonah looks after Riggins + sprints to his crib every morning. I love that Riggins laughs harder at Jonah than at anyone else. I love that they scream for joy when Jon gets home from work + that they have his "park" shoes waiting on the back step ready to go. I love that they need to be loved + enjoy our attention more than any toy in the world. I am forever grateful for Sami Jo for coming over to take these pictures of us. She has become one of my very favorite friends + is one of the most humble photographers I've ever known. She also doesn't mind if you don't have your make up on yet when she gets to your house. (uhhhhhhh- - -oops) I have learned that we really don't need much to make us happy in life. Just gotta find what triggers your happy + stick with it. Life is too short to do much else.

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