A canyon stroll


-----A few of my favorite things as of late-----

- the mountains - stroller races - crunchy leaves - monkey wars - this song on repeat - vanilla flavored tootsie rolls - black everything - blonde hair (how ironic) - fresh sheets from the dryer - costco apples  - journaling - 

We made it to the top of the canyon riiight before the sun went down. How lucky are we to have this amazing canyon pretty much right in our back yard? WITH MONKEYBARS?! #forgetaboutit One day we will build a cabin in the mountains, recruit all our family + carry on with life like normal. Wouldn't that be the good life? Not a trouble in the world, I just know it. ;)

One thing I love about our family esthetic right now is how everything turns into a game. In some form or another you'll hear "Let's see who can hold on the longest. Who can get back to the car the fastest. Let's race mom. Who can guess how many red fruit snacks are in this pack, etc" Jon was born with this playful trait, but to see it developing in Jonah+ Riggs just makes me smile. I could watch them together all the day long.

This drive up the canyon was our first real adventure with our Orbit stroller. We've had our Bugaboo Donkey since Riggins was born + I really have loved it. We just felt like heading back to a single stroller was the best call for our family. Jonah is getting older + more independent which also means he isn't all for being harnessed down in a seat too often. The kick-board attachment is going to be our best friend (especially since J can drop into a bowl on his skateboard already!! What!? I can't even do that.) I've become accustomed to packing the car with bikes, bags, costumes, snacks, the kitchen sink + every baseball bat we own every time we leave the house. Proudly adding professional packer to my motherhood credentials because there isn't normally any room to spare in the trunk. B-b-BUT, not with the Orbit. The way that it folds up so nicely (AND easily) has really been a hi-light for me because it never has to leave the trunk. Not even for a costco trip. Booooooyaaaa grandma! Jon was sold on the cupholder, Riggins was sold on the fruit snack compartment, Jonah the kickboard + myself, the one handed folding effort + the sleek design. We love being part of the Orbit fam! 

A Sunday in Midway


When Grammy told us they were moving to Heber we were pretty bummed. We took for granted all of the dropping by when we were in the neighborhood + meeting for dinner on a whim. We were so not ready to let them move away from us + were convinced moving was not a good idea. Then they moved + we went for our first real visit. We took back our feelings + fell for Midway in a bad way! IT IS STUNNING up there!! Too beautiful for words. It's like a world away from the world. Although we miss them like crazy, we love going to play. Plus Parley's canyon in the fall is everything wonderful! Grammy is the best cook + the best sword fighter with J. We love making our own glow in the dark golf balls + trash talking our way through king of the green for bomb-diggety prizes made by Grammy. Although we are bummed it's such a drive to visit, we are always glad when we go. We're spending Christmas up there this year + we can't even wait! 310 days until Christmas!!!! Somebody pinch me.


Learning to love the rain


I have never really been a big rain person. I mean, I do enjoy red rain boots, I love Seattle + I've always been a sucker for a kissy rainy movie scene, but when it comes down to literally choosing rain outside or dry inside: inside ALWAYS trumps. A fireplace, a good book, a cute movie + some fuzzy snuggles with the boys? Sign me up. Why would I ever go outside? HA! Soggy socks, or boots, or hair, or muddy car mats, or the way it leaves me with goosebumps for hours after it's all dried up. Why would I do that to myself? I know I sound ridiculous. 

Last week it rained A LOT. One morning when Rigg was taking his nap, Jonah opened a new tin of Pringles + accidentally spilled them out the other end while I was putting away the vacuum from the goldfish.  I won't list the rest of the moments that used up all of my patience that morning, because to be honest, I don't even remember all of them. I just distinctly remember the Pringle escapade + know that that was the last straw. Directly to the rain we went. We couldn't stay inside for one more minute. I was crying, but we opened the garage, looked the rain right in the face + didn't turn back. No shoes = no soggy anything. Problem solved! We played pass with our tennis racquets, stomped the mud + we took turns running out from the garage to see who could last the longest with their eyes closed. We let go. I LET GO. I sobbed. I laughed. I told Jonah I loved him over + over. He was loving life + not sure what to think all at the same time. I can't tell you how good this half hour of rain playing was for my soul. I wrote my feelings in Jonah's journal the minute Jon got home from work, but I wanted to touch about them on here too.

"Are you happy mom?"
"I am happy Jonah! Are you happy?"
"Let me see your smile face."

I couldn't have distinguish laughing from crying nor raining from tired-mom deliriousness if I had tried, but I do know one thing for certain, I need my boys just as much or more than they need me. Being a mother is no easy ball game. If I don't have my focus pointed in the right direction, everything seems much harder than it should be. Why do I hate the rain? Because it inconveniences me + makes me cold. That's the honest embarassing truth. When I finally opened my eyes (or Jonah snapped the last straw), I realized what the rain hype was all about. I had one of those no picture could ever do justice for the way I felt inside moments this day. It was so special for me. I think that this was as heartwarming as it was for me because I put his needs before my own. Before my clean floor + my new socks. We just went without shoes + problem was solved. :) I'm grateful for the reminder to find joy in the simple things. We can overcome our negative feelings by disconnecting our insecurities from our fears + learning to love things that we don't naturally love. It is possible. It's always possible. This is something that my mom taught me my whole life. The rain opened my eyes in a new light + I hope to be able to teach my own children the same thing. I'm also 100% completely convinced that I'm learning more from my boys than they will ever learn from me. xx

Our threads are linked below for those of you who'd like to know! 


Weekly Lemonade


S W E E T S: dancing in the rain | conference weekend in midway | family pictures with sami jo | aggie - byu game at grandma's house #WINNINGTEAM | first pumpkins picked + the way that jonah calls them pun-tins | the sweetest most thoughtful caring messages during a rough patch via instagram | pumpkin stand with grandma webb + watching jonah pay for his very own | play date with the evans | going back to young women's to watch our camp video, miss those girls so much | boys going to jenson's football game | girls night with morg + grammy during priesthood session | the crater | cinnamon bread for breakfast at great harvest. i swear the butter is always so much better there | sincere friends | crockpot chicken tacos | an overhaul at sephora of fall friendly make up | snail mail | sitting on the heater vent with a blanket 

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on.

S O U R S: craft day with whit where we didn't finish a single blanket - ha! | bummer friends | both boys outgrowing their clothes at the exact same time | forgetting the box of popsicles in the trunk after the grocery store | coming home to a messy house | riggins eating my lipstick | forgetting phone meetings | fall family bucket list is getting behind sched | powdered donut holes | sore knee | jonah biffing it on the skateboard without his helmet on | cold food at city creek | wrong size boots  | broken hair dryer | still no new phone. hence the fuzzzzy as duzzy pics

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