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now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on.

S O U R S: the boys raiding my make up bag + dumping out every pod of make up on the carpet | hair appointment that's over due about 8 weeks | online shopping - wrong size every EVERY every single time | post office trips | the headache that has made itself at home in my brain | plans that never work out | missing my young women | feeling like we are sinking in toys, time to simplify | construction traffic jams | cyberbulliying | iphone delay | allergies | riggy climbing the bookshelves


THREADS: Duchess & Lion Clothing


Today, Jonah + I are guest styled over on DUCHESS & LION Clothing.
One word, nine times. RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD. 
We love the owner + designer, Stacie. A good friend + amazing mother. 
She's got a heart of gold with some serious steeze in the design department. 

here are the links to her thangs

If you want to be the first to know when she releases a new piece, get on the email list.
Mom's go a little bit {BIG TEETH EMOJI} x 10 when they miss out on their size.
Items sell crazy fast. Think Elsa  + Anna action figures with Black Friday Walmart status.
Are Elasa + Anna the cool toy? Maybe Olaf? Ha! Whatever, I don't even know.
PS You might melt when I post Riggins in his new romper. That kid kills me!! 
We love you, Stace! Thanks for the feature.
Hope you all had a happy Wednesday! xx

Easy like a Sunday Morning


Sunday Mornings are pretty much anything BUT easy lately.
I feel like I've been complaining about them a lot + I'm really sorry.
But at the same time, I have an appreciation for documenting feelings. The happy AND sad ones.
I know that one day, whether it be 10 years from now or next month or next November, I will look back + appreciate the harder times. I will be able to see how far we have come as a family, the ways I have grown personally + the strengthening perspective that I have gained.

Coming up with the right words for my feelings has been tricky. Pictures can be so deceiving, ya know? I could go on to tell you how amazing my day was + how much I love these boys in my life. Which is always true, but I feel like laying it out there, no sugar added, is the best route today. Brace yourself. :)

A couple of months ago we caught word that a new Bishopric was being called + that Jon would soon be released!! I did a back-handspring AND a heel click. No more trying to convince Jonah to keep his tie on when he wants to do anything BUT keep his tie on + that his baseball bat doesn't fit in the church bag week after week. At least not by myself. No more complaining about how hard Sunday's are. No more crying in the mother's lounge. No more late night meetings. Hallelujah! I will never forget when Jonah stood up on the end of bench, tip toes 'n all, hand waving above his head, screeeching "DAAAD!!!!! Hiiiiii DADDDY!!! YOU SEE ME?!? + wouldn't stop for nothing until Jon waved back. As well as the times that he marched up to the stand, plopped down on Jon's lap, held perfectly still + fell asleep in his arms.

All of this excitement + celebration!! AND THEN, Jonboy gets called right BACK into the Bishopric for the third time. My heart dropped. I am ever so grateful for our sensitive Stake President who called our whole family into the room to ok the calling with each of us. Recognizing that this is a complete family effort. He let me know how grateful he is for our service in the ward. He acknowledged that family life would radically change again. He emphasized all of the positive sides of this arduous journey + let us know that we are not alone. His words have stuck with me. Jon is such a blessing to everyone he meets. He is literally the sunshine in my life. He willingly goes the extra mile to make things happen. He works hard + is such a loving father to our boys. He is a devoted Priesthood holder who loves The Lord + he is the most self motivated person in my life. Knowing all of this first hand, why was I so surprised when he was called back into the Bishopric? I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little frustrated, nervous + maybe even disappointed. Selfish, I know.

I remember a talk I heard from our Stake President about his wife NEVER complaining a single time about any of his Church Callings + how she has stood right at his side every step of the way. Then I heard Jon repeat something similar in his testimony about me + I thought: Oh no way. There is nooo way he's serious. I'm over here covered in smashed goldfish crumbs + crayon dusties, distracting everyone within in a 20 feet radius of us during the ENTIRE Sacrament Meeting. My eyes have been fighting tears since before it began + my whisper telling Jonah to use his inside voice for the 70th time is lacking all form of patience. I'm not sure I have stopped complaining in my head since my eyes opened this morning. WAKE UP CALL, Sister Parrish. You are going to be okay. You've got this. Jon believes in you. Jonah believes in you. Riggins believes in you. God hasn't placed me here you here mistake, you can do this.

Oh, the strength it takes! My heart breaks for anyone who is alone raising children as their regular routine. It is tough freakin' stuff. Whatever circumstances that present themselves in your life, causing you to walk through daily tasks alone, my heart swells with you. I want to give you a hug + tell you how much I admire you. I applaud, respect + love you in every aspect. I've got two little boys who need me for every single task + even on the days when Jon is home with me, it is still daunting at times. Parenthood will derail you, challenge you + light up your life all in the same breath. I still blows my mind. Hang in there!

Sunday is a special day that is supposed to be light + happy + all things family, right? For the most part it is. But somewhere along the way it has started becoming the day where little things like spreading the toothpaste wrong causes me to cry. From putting on 6 pairs of shoes, finding the right church toys, ironing shirts on time + the balancing act that it takes to get my Houdini bag of tricks {entertainment for 3 hours} + Riggy into the Church in one piece without letting Jonah get hit by a car in the parking lot, all without raising my voice is a bit intimidating. I'm tired just typing it out. All of it frustrates me. It's not easy. So, why do it? Why not just stay home? I do it because I know it's worth it. I know that we are blessed beyond measure for being diligent + teaching our boys where true happiness is rooted. Jon says to us before he leaves each Tuesday night for meetings, "No place I would rather be than at home with my favorite buddies." These words have been a great comfort to me. Jon is amazing + I count my lucky stars that he is my better half. The light will come, I know it will.

Last night we were over with some of our dear friends roasting s'mores + pizzas + we came home to an a anonymous package on our doorstep. This book + a note thanking me personally for my example of strength + effort. Letting me know that it has not gone unnoticed. It left me feeling like I could climb whatever mountain I'm asked from here on out. People are good. God is GOOD. Amazing, really. Me complaining about my Sunday might seem like absolutely nothing when compared to what's on your plate. But in the big scheme of things, it's all kinda the same. We are ALL fighting hard battles. Whether it's known to the world or internally, we've all got our issues. So, BE A NICE HUMAN! Go out of your way to ask someone in the grocery how their day is going, deliver a plate of cookies to the new fam around the corner or just simply write a thank you note to your parents. We all need kindness. We all deserve to be happy. Go scatter some sunshine, spread your light to the rest of your world + in return, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the way you feel about yourself!





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now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on.

S O U R S: shattering my phone + getting it back a week later NOT fixed. woof. | grandma's foot surgery | fruit flies | going away party at young women's | periods | missing girls night | creamy popsicle drama with jonah, i just need to stop buying them | registration expiring on car | kayti + greg moving out, we love them | plucking toooo many eyebrows, growing them out is torture | missing friends | another external hard drive scare | too cold for camping | checking out Holes from the library + it didn't work | moldy bread AFTER i mixed up the tuna, haha #firstworldprobs | last week serving in young womens

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