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Ginger + The Boys

Madsen Cycles + Petunia Pickle Bottom


We have partnered up with Madsen bikes + Petunia Pickle Bottom for one giant #parrishfamfave GIVEAWAY!!! Two brands that are tried + true to our family. This giveaway runs for five days, ends Saturday April 4. ELEVEN winners total. 1 Madsen bike, 10 Petunia products. I have been announcing 2 winners each night who win one of my favorite Petunia Pickle Bottom products. For entry rules, visit this instagram picture. 

---------- ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY Sami Jo Photography ----------

You are welcome to repost any picture from this photoshoot for an extra entry in our giveaway --- Tagging @gparrish as well as using our hashtag: #parrishfamfave. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Read more about my relationship with Petunia Pickle Bottom below.


a #parrishfamfave video


Have you caught wind of the giveaway on my instagram right now? We are giving away a Madsen Bike + 10 Petunia Pickle Bottom bags this week!! I really really really really really really really really really really really hope you win :)

There is something so timeless + magical about moments captured on video isn't there? Seeing the boys's little expressions in action + watching such candid moments over + over as many times as we'd like means the world to me. I will cherish this footage by Shelby Osmond for forever! I mean, Jonah is already taller, Riggins is already faster, I probably have a few less hairs on my head + Jon is for sure more handsome. With time traveling as fast as it is, this video is completely priceless for our growing family. Shelby is one of my dearest friends + one of the most talented videographers that I know. I truly admire the way that she puts her family first in all things. She is easy to love, amazing at what she does + creates the most beautiful life for her sweet boys. Shelby + I are an instagram success story: we met online, went to lunch while she was visiting from Boston, then moved back to Utah + currently live around the corner from us. What a blesssing! Check out more of her video work here

Weekly Lemonade


SWEETS: completing our winter bucket list | disney on ice | fresh mani + pedi | new pillows for mah bed | rigg saying lub youuuu | ice skating | mcdonalds with grandma + grandpa | delivering anonymous flowers | sumo wrestling when jonboy gets home from work | date night with jonah at the aggie game | having aunt dan sleep over with us | kids meal run at wendy's, then bringing them back home to eat in our jammies | temple time with morg | silly string | play dates at the collard's | nordstrom balloons | fresh paint kit from target | riding trax | jonathan's baby blessing + sealing in the logan temple | ivan's birthday lunch | milo snuggles | sunshine | tyler bringing nilson's custard every time he comes | family jazz games | "the jonah" plus sign quilt | easter dollar section at target

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: jon out of town | jonah losing his thor hammer (traumatic,  dramatic + i think we're all scarred for life) | more snow | jonah ripping the veggie straw bag all over the kitchen floor | tanner breaking his arm | rigg's diaper drama at the baby blessing #loincloth | stew morrill's last game | minnie + jonah getting in a fist fight | expired license + attempting to renew it 3 times #stillexpired | our lost library movie | broken ipad screen - rigg aka bam bam with the hammer 
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