Weekly Lemonade


SWEETS: completing our winter bucket list | disney on ice | fresh mani + pedi | new pillows for mah bed | rigg saying lub youuuu | ice skating | mcdonalds with grandma + grandpa | delivering anonymous flowers | sumo wrestling when jonboy gets home from work | date night with jonah at the aggie game | having aunt dan sleep over with us | kids meal run at wendy's, then bringing them back home to eat in our jammies | temple time with morg | silly string | play dates at the collard's | nordstrom balloons | fresh paint kit from target | riding trax | jonathan's baby blessing + sealing in the logan temple | ivan's birthday lunch | milo snuggles | sunshine | tyler bringing nilson's custard every time he comes | family jazz games | "the jonah" plus sign quilt | easter dollar section at target

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: jon out of town | jonah losing his thor hammer (traumatic,  dramatic + i think we're all scarred for life) | more snow | jonah ripping the veggie straw bag all over the kitchen floor | tanner breaking his arm | rigg's diaper drama at the baby blessing #loincloth | stew morrill's last game | minnie + jonah getting in a fist fight | expired license + attempting to renew it 3 times #stillexpired | our lost library movie | broken ipad screen - rigg aka bam bam with the hammer 

Little Wife Power House


We built an indoor playground for the boys for Christmas. A safe place for them to dream + to grow + to read + to maaaaybe burn a little extra energy. :) Jonah is particularly energetic + the treehouse has been our saving grace this winter! If we are home, we are in the playhouse. I will never forget the way their faces lit up on Christmas because it still does every time they open that door! Lately, Jonah has developed this nervousness towards going to school? He keeps asking if Riggins can come with him or where I'm going to go when I drop him off. It's making ME nervous, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. His birthday falls right at the cut off date, so we are going to hold him back a year. We still have a little bit longer until he starts preschool, so we'll continue to soak up our time in their reading nook together while we can.

I am so thrilled to show your how our plus sign quilt turned out in collaboration with LITTLE WIFE POWER HOUSE! We named it "THE JONAH" + I literally cried when I opened the box. The unique hand drawn little fox's on the back remind me of my own childhood. Reading at Grandma's on top of the heater vent with that big white itchy blanket on top of us. The vent was right in front of her big upstairs window. This quilt is now our reading blanket. It fit like the perfect glove in their reading nook under the monkey bars + is a very special keepsake that Jonah will be able to pass on to his future kids someday. 

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Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Bear Lake, UT


This Bear Lake getaway is what our dreams are made of. We packed our swimsuits, our snowsuits + our jammies --- That's pretty much it. I had a meeting here at home on Friday so the boys went up a day before me. I scored big time in the in law department. They sure spoil us with the gooooood times! The dad's snowmobiled sun up to sun down. These pictures are from our turn on the sleds! #LONGLIVETHEBANANAONESIE. I've learned that the kids are adrenalin junkies just like their dad. Prepping now for the teenage years. Maaaaaybe I knew for certain I would pee my pants if I went down the big hill on on of those sled, glad Morg + Jenson were there for back upJonah couldn't get enough! 

We swam, caught snowflakes with our tongues, ate too much cinnamon bread, wrestled, watched movies + talked about playing games. Grandpa Gene brought up his giant movie collection. I was up late the last night + found our wedding video tucked inside of the very last sleeved. Just me, only one awake in the dark living room, engulfed inside of a big sappy cloud of nostalgia. I forgot how much I LOVED our engagement video. WE WERE BABIES!! I sobbed through the whole thing. I still can't believe I married Jon Parrish.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Gene, we love you so much!

Weekly lemonade


SWEETS: getting pictures of milo during the day | bear lake birthday bash | monster truck ralley | good things utah | stompin rigg + the way he runs with only one arm pumping | fresh manicure | turning on our wedding video after everyone fell asleep in bear lake | family bike rides at liberty park | jonah's excitement when riggins wakes up every morning | sushi girls night | finalizing peru plans | new swimsuits | signing jonah up for baseball | shopping alone at city creek #sephoradate | rearranging the boys room + letting them choose where things go | new computer | pace pops on the deck | pandora | social media | jessie pennington waffle date | matching family snow suits | new dishwasher | getting my car back | hiccups | staying up for over 48 hours 2 separate time #worthit | journal writing | grapefruit | nickle cade | shopping with grandma | tracy aviary | overdue heart-to-hearts with morg | lunchdates with dad

now, the sours. because I think they are important to document + just as fun to look back on. 

SOURS: the missing memory card with all of our pictures | jonah's shiner | library fines | markers of any shape or size | car problems | missing reading time | living far away from milo | chapped lips | missing church | vacuuming the car | eyelashes falling out | folding the laundry | the empty honest box full of stuff with no home that keeps getting shoved in the closet | trying to catch up on pictures | potty training | new blog roadblocks | unpacking | laundry | laundry | laundry 
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